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Manchester, MD

Lindsay Timko-Price  recommends BrainDrain Escapes.


BrainDrain Escapes provided entertainment for my daughter’s 13th birthday party and I cannot say enough good things about it!

The trailer is just magnificent. Everything was so thoughtfully designed and it’s like stepping into another world inside that trailer.

Ron was excellent to work with and so sweet and accommodating. I truly appreciate both Ron and his wife for being so awesome and understanding.

All of the kids, age 10-14, had a great time and an overall fantastic experience. They all loved dressing up at the end as well.

I highly recommend this company. They went above and beyond to provide a memorable experience.

Gettysburg, PA

Shell Arentz Blaski  recommends BrainDrain Escapes.


Totally worth it ! My first ever escape room !! It was a blast and the owners were sooo fun !! Definitely a must have at any event !!! Would definitely do again !!

Gettysburg, PA

Amy Riffey-Bennett  recommends BrainDrain Escapes.


Great experience for my staff!

They were very polite, professional and inclusive. They feel like family away from home. They are very friendly and fun to talk to. The escape room is challenging but fun and mind stumping. You got to use team work and it's fun when you find a clue or a hidden tidbit. My friends and I had a great time. Thank you so much! Can't wait for more!!
This was my first ever escape room and I loved it! Fun, interesting, and challenging. Also set a record for first ever completion with no clues. Pure awesomeness. Will definitely be doing more of these in the future. Especially if it's these guys.
1st time doing an escape room. We had a fantastic time doing it. So Glad you came to set up at the Chambersburg Ice fest. We will be looking for your new rooms creations in the near future.

Thanks for a great time!

Your escape room was beautifully designed

10/10 recommend to have some fun
We had a blast! Thanks for coming to Chambersburg!
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